When excavating for a swimming pool, soil conditions are one of the first things to think about. Our excavation specialist will come and survey the site so as to understand the soil condition, the access for machinery to the excavation site and the area surrounding the pool. The required machinery, based on their analysis will then be brought in. Our fleet of machinery ranges from large-sized excavators to medium and small excavators for tight access areas.

By using The Worx Landscaping and Earthmoving to excavate your swimming pool instead of using the pool company’s contractor, significant savings can be made. Another advantage of using us is that if there are other works to be completed, which normally there are, it eliminates the need to employ two separate contractors.

Narrow or awkward space? No problem! We specialize in tight access excavation allowing us to dig holes for swimming pools in backyards where big machines cannot get in. For larger spaces, we can upsize our equipment to complete the job faster.

The Worx Landscaping and Earthmoving provide all the equipment required for any swimming pool dig out, including excavators, bobcats and tipper trucks.


The team at Worx Landscaping and Earthmoving can get any uneven site leveled for you. Our services include site clearing, site leveling, driveway preparation as well as earthmoving and excavation. We service both residential and commercial sites, and with our wide range of heavy earthmoving equipment, which includes excavators, Bobcats, Trucks, Backhoes & Diggers, we will have your site level and clean all ready for you to start your building project.


Our team always takes great care when it comes to removing all traces of building rubble and dirt from your site, so you can start work in a clean work environment. We also do pre-commencement construction site clean ups, residential or commercial.

Whatever the size of the project, we have the machinery and the expertise to get the job done. No need to hire bins, we take care of everything.


We have a range of machinery to cater for sites of all sizes, ensuring that we’re well equipped to handle any soil removal task. We will remove and dispose of rubbish and soil from your site in our own trucks leaving the area tidy and dirt free once the excavation is completed.


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